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April 30, 2006

MySQL has been updated to 5.0.20a

Posted in: MySQL

I completely forgot to mention this but last week MySQL has been updated to version 5.0.20a. I was going to upgrade my test server to 5.0.20 when I got an email from the announcement mailing list that version 5.0.20a. There where some critical bugs left in 5.0.20 which needed fixing quickly that why the 20a version has been released so quickly. This proves the point I made earlier when I decided switching from the server logistics packages and base this install on the original or compile my own. You can see which bugs and issues which where solved in the announcement email that was sent out.

I’ve updated the installation procedure to reflect the version change. Updating is simple, just use the install package. It will backup your original MySQL installation and install the new one. Quite painless…

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