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June 26, 2006

The forum is opened

Posted in: News

Well, it is all taking more time than anticipated, although we are on the verge of a breakthrough in getting the lost MySQL shared libraries issue solved.

In the mean time I’ve finished installing and creating a consistent look and feel for a phpBB based forum. You can use it or just look at it on http://forum.richard5.net. I hope you find it useful, specially as with the baby coming I will have less time to answer all your questions. This way we can all pitch in…

As I said earlier, I hope to solve the issue with MySQL this week, it has taken me a lot more time than anticipated. I had planned to have the V2 installation and configuration ready last month. The plan was to have a first release of a decent spam-filter configuration ready by now. But don’t despair, it is still coming, just a bit later than planned. Sorry.

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