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September 20, 2005

Modding my new iPod Nano

Posted in: Hardware

As a new owner of some really cool Apple hardware I’m bitten by the Apple virus many users have. We nervously watch all the news and rumour sites to see what is brewing at Job’s office. I found myself glued to the screen during the latest keynote, browsing 3 different news sites to see what was happening. I’ve order myself a Nano last week and just got a message that it is shipping. I can’t wait to hold it in my hands…

I just found a great article on Make: which describes how you can modify you Nano by altering the Firmware. Just get you HEX editor out and start changing. I haven’t tried it myself due to lack of iPod but will give it a go, as you can change names, pictures and even the font. In this manner you can really personalize your iPod without really damaging it. Which makes it easier to sell your iPod when a newer, bigger (memory not size), better one is released in a few months.

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