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April 23, 2007

In between jobs

Posted in: Personal

Last time I was in between jobs I had all the time of the world and worked on some of my personal pet projects for days at a time. It was a wonderful time and I was getting a lot of things done. I was hoping for the same effect this time, to finish some of the work in migrating all the documentation to the new site and to add some new stuff I’ve got lying around.

Unfortunatly my personal situation has changed, I’m no longer the free single with no worries, I’m now a father with a small child and responsibilities (and worries included with all that). So I’m a bit disappointed, reality is a killer.

Did get some stuff done and I’m still trying to get some things done. I’ve checked the latest OS X security update, Courier Auth and the new Postfix version. Currently I’m moving the DSPAM stuff before the end of the week. Next week it’s off to San Fransisco in the USA, unfortunately it’s going to be all work and no play…

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