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October 30, 2007

Leopard has arrived at last for me…

Posted in: Mac OS X,Personal

I’ve had some issues with UPS over the weekend. Where they normally would drop off packages at the neighbors when i wasn’t home, this time they didn’t. I should have received my copy on friday, but because I was out for groceries I missed the delivery. They tried again on monday but as to be expected I was at work and no delivery was made.

I called UPS to see how we could resolve the issue. The easiest solution was to pick up the package at UPS, their warehouse was not that far away. When I arrived this morning at UPS to finally pick up my copy of Leopard, only to be disappointed again. It seemed the driver forgot to leave the package and was taking it on his round again. After some negotiations with the local manager on how to resolve the issue, we decided to have it delivered at work which gave UPS a small problem. It wasn’t on the normal route so the package had to be exchanged between drivers. I got the package by the end of the day at the office. Finally.

I’ve installed it on my test mini as soon as I got home and I’m typing this blog-post in Safari 3 in Leopard. Next step is to try and install all the DIYMacserver.com stuff and see what I’ve got to o to get it working in Leopard !

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