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November 09, 2005

Got postfix with TLS working

Posted in: General,PostFix

I’m very exited, after finally finding a reasonably good and easy to understand document explaining how to create your own CA (certification authorithy) on Mac OSX (workstation not a server) on MacOSXHints.com, I couldn’t resist. I was working on the documentation of my project but it still kept itching. I wanted to get Postfix to use TLS. So I got down and started finding the correct command line to compile with all the options I wanted enabled. It took me quite some time as I found out after a few hours of testing and compiling that my binaries and libraries were not updated. They compiled allright but were not copied in the correct destination directory. When I found this out it was easy. I’ve got it working now, next step, tweaking the configuration parameters and find out what actually is going on so I can write a proper document describing the process to you so you can do it yourself and unerstand what you are doing…

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