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March 13, 2006

To MySQL or not to MySQL

Posted in: MySQL

I’m doubt what to do and need your input. I’ve been updating the Server Logistics packages in previous post to get around their slow update process. The PHP and Apache packages where not a real issue, there was a perfect source available without the binaries for running on Mac OS X. But for MySQL there is a perfect good binary package available with an installation program, procedure and support.

I’m willing to go to the effort to keep the MySQL setup as created by Server Logistics and try to compile from the source or shall we switch to the ‘official’ MySQL version which would mean I have to update all the installation and update instructions and documentation. It doesn’t really matter to me it’s work to be done either way.

A change will mean that everybody who wants to keep up has to change everything as well. I’m asking you for some feedback on which choice to make. Leave feedback on your preference…

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