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March 22, 2006

GMail is sometimes being blocked by spamcop.net

Posted in: News,PostFix

GmailI’ve had some problems today with emails being blocked from users using GMail accounts and after some researching and Googling I found out that Spamcop.het sometimes block email from Gmail. Even Google had a warning on the Gmail Help Center and an explanation why it was blocked. It’s because, according to Google, it doesn’t want to forward your ip-address in the header and wants to give you the idea of some privacy. I personally find this too aggressive to my liking.

I advised not so long ago that you could use blacklists to prevent spam. I also warned that you should determine yourself which ones you needed to use as some of them block faster than others. Now that I found this out about spamcop.net I’m removing it from my configuration.

To do this yourself you need to edit the file ‘/etc/postfix/main.cf’ and remove the line:

reject_rbl_client bl.spamcop.net,

This will remove the spamcop blacklist from your setup. You’ll need to trust the junk mail filtering in Thunderbird or Mail.app a bit more. I’m still working on the spamassassin setup but haven’t finished with it yet. I guess I’ll have to give that some higher priority after this.

update: Found an article on Techworld.com that gives some backgound info.

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