It looks like the ‘majority’ would like the switch to the ‘official’ MySQL version from instead of the Server Logistics version. I will devote some time this weekend to see what the effort will be and if the installation process is as simple as the Server Logistics version and when not, how to simplify it.

The new Intel Mac mini is slowly materializing. As promised I will use all donations and AdSense income (and double it from my own pocket) starting from March 1st for buying a Mac mini. I received a very generous donation from David W. and the Adsense income was a bit more than usual. So I’m happy to report that we’ve collected 30 euro, which if I add my promise will add up to 60 euro. This would mean if the income stream keeps up I can order the new Core Duo Mac mini in about 6 months time.

Update: Just created a web page that keeps track of the funding for the new mini.