Besides writing this blog I read some of the blogs others write. Most of them are related to OS X and other aspects of my digital life. Recently I found this blog called when researching external firewire drive housing I found his article using these drives. Got his RSS feed configured in Safari and I’ve been reading his writings ever since then. A few days ago he blogged about using the OS X shell or Terminal. As we all know we’d love to hate the Terminal for it’s simplistic (not very apple like) nature. He pointed me to an app called iTerm which is basically what the Terminal should have been. I’ve been using it for a few days and I must say I like it. I’m still using two or three windows open next to each other for the overview, but the tabbed sessions do help to avoid too much clutter.

I’m currently rewriting the documentation on installing MySQL, Apache and PHP losing the Server Logistics angle completely. You can have a small preview on the MySQL documentation here, it’s not yet completely finished. Let me know how you like it, it will eventually replace to original documentation.

Another nice e-mail I got from my ISP, they’ve just finished upgrading my connection. From today I have 3Mb downstream and 1Mb upstream. I hope you notice some of the increase in speed.

Donations and AdSense are still going strong for an Intel based mini… thanks !!!