Well, I couldn’t use one of the standard themes that came with WordPress. Although I’m not a designer by profession I really like to give my websites a personal touch, usually this is accomplished by looking at other peoples designs and copy the design elements I really like.

The same here, I started of with the design “Connections” from Patricia Müller at VanillaMist.com as base design because of its relative simplicity. Changed the sidebar style, I didn’t like the striped filler at the bottom of each box so I removed it.

But because it’s a blog about Mac OSX I really think the colour scheme used should have some reference to the default Aqua theme. I started to change the green colour scheme into a more blue’ish colour scheme

Another style element I really liked is the date-tab I saw on the Wonkette.com site. I’ve tried, and I think I was succesfull, to incorporate that element into this design. I think it really works.

I hope you like it