Well it had to happen at some point, but today was the happy day I went out to the local Apple dealer and bought my first Mac. It is a Mac Mini 1.42 Ghz, 512 Mb, 80 Gb HD, AE, BT and Superdrive. It works wonderfull, the 512 Mb seems to be enough, no real delays in using the software. But after running the memory monitor tool I can see that all the 512 Mb is fully used, so the next on my wishlist is a 1 Gb memory module.

Because I still had a very old Eizo 21″ CRT which I bought a long time a go second hand it was also time to get myself a new monitor, and did I splash out there, I went for the 23″ cinema display. I’m sitting behind it now for a complete afternoon after buying it and I love it. The wide screen with 1920 pixels is magificent, you can have 2 or 3 apps running next to each other and have a complete overview. The only drawback is that it isn’t height adjustable, but I solved that by putting the stand on top of the Mac mini. The base on which the monitor rests is has almost the same footprint as the Mac mini, which in turn becomes even more invisible.

I also bought myself a mighty mouse, as I did like the scroll wheel and the 2 mouse buttons on my PC. I’m using it now for a full afternoon but what I disliked mostly is that to engage the right mouse button you really have to remove your fingers from the left hand side of the mouse or it won’t work.

But all considered I’m one happy computer user…