I’ve got my Mac now for more than a week and I’m delighted by the ease of use and the smooth transition from the PC world. My PC has been off for two days in a row now, which has been the longest period since years. I’ve found that most tasks can be done intuitivly but somehow you end up doing it the Microsoft way as you’ve always done, which will still work but it won’t be the most efficient way of doing things on the Mac.

As being new to the world of Apple one of the things you learn is following all the Apple news/rumour sites. One of them (MacWorld.com) is starting a series of features on Tiger (10.4) Tips and Tricks. Which are helpfull in discovering those things that make life with a Mac even better.

Another site worth mentioning on for tips and tricks on Tiger (OSX 10.4) is MacosxHints.com which maintains a list of all tips and tricks they found usefull on Tiger.