I remember I had a hard time configuring Postfix on my Sun running Debian Linux, all those loose config files which don’t make a lot of sense from the beginning. On top of that I wanted IMAP folders (easier to use web based mail and use multiple computers to read mail), virtual domains and use MySQL for account administration. It took me quite some time but I got it done, with lots of espresso and some major googling on error messages and configuration.

There are a lot of HowTo’s and FAQ files to be found on the internet, each for a specific configuration and a specific operating system. Just have a look at postfix.org’s document section to see some of the “official” ones. There are more just google for them.

I tried to collect some information on using and configuring Postfix on OS X but it is hard to come by. When asking around I got pointed to the Postfix Enabler which is a great solution if you’d want a simpel server with one domain, but as far as I could see it doesn’t work if you’d want to setup multiple domains.

Others suggested to install OS X server, it’s got the same basic software installed, but it comes with nice GUI based tools for configuring it all. A shame they can’t be downloaded somewhere. I’m not going to go the server route, not on my Mac mini, maybe later on a true Xserver.

I’m now even more determined to get it working on the Mac just the way I want it done. I’ve got most sites covering this bookmarked to keep googling to a minimum. I’m going to document as much as possible and put it on this site so others can benefit from my expirience doing this. I hope it will help others to get it running in a shorter time frame than I will.

Keep coming back for more info on the subject. I will publish any progress I make.