I wanted to apologize for not posting anything in almost 2 weeks, but there haven’t been many new discoveries. I still need more time to play with my current configuration and to test the installation documentation.

I’ve gotten myself a cheap external firewire enclosure to use the extra harddisk from my PC which I don’t really use anymore. The only time I switch it on is to get some files I didn’t copy the first time around. The firewire disk is a really usefull tool when having a Mac, you can use it to backup your personal every day or store some of that data that just clogs up your system disk.

My main reason to get one is that I now can have more installations of OS X running on my computer. It’s just a matter of selecting the correct bootable drive at startup to switch my environment. It’s really usefull to get a clean install without losing all your data and still be able to test my installation procedures.