It always happens when you are not expecting it or when you aren’t ready at all. It does in my case anyway. As you might know I’m documenting my own efforts in using my Mac mini as an internet server for hosting websites and taking care of the mailing needs of myself, family and friends. Before I got it a stage where you would end up with a decent setup and wanted to carefully ask around what people thought about it I got hit bigtime…

It started yesterday morning, Tim Gaden blogged about my efforts on his site which sort of started an avalanche of other blogs to follow like and not long thereafter even The Unoffical Apple Weblog blogged about me.

Today I find my site on the popular page of and I showed up on some of the categories on .

I don’t know for how long this is going to be but I’m enjoying it and my server is not failing me. Another benefit is that now other people are reading my documentation and are leaving feedback. By mail or via the comment box beneath the page. This is proving very usefull as I don’t have all the answers and make mistakes as well. You are helping me in creating a better document.

For the rest I can give you some info on the things to come, after I’m finished with documenting the simple web and mail server setup in no particular order yet:

  • SSL and TLS support for the mail server (encrypted communication between client and server)
  • HTTPS support for the webserver
  • SPAM filtering at the mailserver
  • Web based mail
  • Firewall (if you have a mac mini with Airport card, because you need 2 network cards)
  • Make your server fault tolerant
  • Managing the server (backup and restore, adding users and sites)
  • Load balancing (preventing a /. effect)
  • and more…

Let me know what you think is missing or would like to see, do you like the format of the documentation, is it readable (english isn’t my first language) and most important is it usable.