First I would like to thank everybody who sent emails and posted comments on possible errors and omissions in the documentation. Special thanks go to Tim who ran into some issues because of the errors in the documentation and while helping him trying to solve the problems he had, I made corrrections to the documentation.

This means that some of the pages of the ISP in a box documentation have been updated to reflect these corrections. The corrections where mostly in two places:

First the changes you have to make to the Apache configuration file httpd.conf to let Apache run as the “www” user and allow the usage of .htaccess files in directories which is needed for Postfix Admin. See the page for the changes.

Second the changes that where needed to get Postfix Admin running without errors and to securely setup the root administration of that module. The changes are related to the changes i nthe Apache configuration and have to do with the .htaccess and .htpasswd files. These changes will limit the access to the overal admin pages of the Postfix Admin section. See at the bottom of the page for the changes.