It’s been a while since I wrote anything, but that was because I spent some time in another country and couldn’t spend some quality time with my Mac mini’s. When I got home and turned on my monitor I saw the software update icon jumping in the dock for attention. When I read the knowledge base article describing what was included in the update it all looked quite harmless.

So, I first made a backup of my backup server installation (the one I use for testing) and ran the update there. There where no visible issues, everything seemed to work perfectly. So the next step was making a backup of the production server and run the update there. At first everything looked fine, all the software seemed to be running on the server. But when trying to connect from my desktop computer to the server I didn’t get any response at all. The desktop was unable to connect to the wireless network, after some searching on the server I found out that internet sharing and the firewall weren’t running as they were supposed to be. I forgot to remove a StartupItem when I was playing with firewall configurations and rebooting the server activated my test setup and therefore the default firewall wouldn’t start-up.


  • Remove all your test-scripts when finished !
  • The update for OS X 10.4.4 is no problem if you used my documentation for creating your own internet server.