Sorry for not posting that often as I would like to, but there are other things in my life that sometimes take precedence. I wanted to have my description for the spamassassin configuration ready but it’s not going to happen today ! But wanted to tell you found another blog about someone who is using his mini for more than just a cheap desktop mac.

A guy named Ken Collins has used 3 mac mini’s and 2 external hard-drives to setup his own NOC (network operations centre). He is talking about some of the services I wanted to include as well like DNS, external disks and automated back-up. I will follow his blog from now on to see if there is anything interesting I can learn. I hope that besides talking about his efforts he will write about how he did it in more detail so that we can learn more from his efforts.

The fun thing is I just ordered the same two external hard-disk enclosures from
NewerTechnology to be used for my own server. I want to use them to create a raid 1 configuration to be used for the server as the boot-able drive with extra partitions for backup purposes. Will let you know when they arrive and how they perform.