It looks like security is the big thing in 2006. I don’t mind because if everybody takes this seriously then we eventually will have less problems. It just takes a for us to read the release notices and upgrade our software and test to see if nothing important has broken.
Apple has released a new security update called: OS X Security Update 2006-002 it’s only 13 days after the previous one. Most of the updates have to do with the problems discovered lately. I mention the update because of the mentioning of apache_mod_php, but you don’t have to worry as our setup isn’t touched and you can update without any problem.

I’ve also had to upgraded my Blog to WordPress 2.0.2 as there where some XSS security issues in version 2.0.1 I just installed two weeks ago. You can read more about it on the WordPress blog. Upgrading was as easy as before and I think not many of you noticed anything.