Google AdwordsI’ve received a flyer in one of the magazines I read that said I would get a 50 euro budget for free when I sign up for Google AdWords. It has been lying on my desk for a few weeks while I kept wondering what I could do with 50 euro. This week I thought why not give it a try, never really expected I would get it as I’m not usually lucky in getting stuff like this. But to my surprise today I got an email that my request has been accepted and I got a personal code for 50 euro when I signed up. So I directly signed up for AdWords to see if it worked and now I’ve got a AdWords marketing budget of 50 euro !

I’ve been pondering on what marketing slogan to use, how can I promote this site properly and not wasting the 50 euro down the drain. I’m the technical type, the one who is motivated mostly by reason and not by emotion. When I need to make a buying decision I’m comparing features and price. I’m in no way the creative type who can invent catchy slogans. So within 5 minutes I got a massive writers block and kept staring to the screen for almost an hour trying to come up with a text for the ad. The best thing I could come up with was:

Hosting on a Mac
Build your own web and mail
hosting platform on a Mac

But that is just stating what this website does and it is not really selling it. But having entered this text Google pestered me with another question: “please enter the search terms you would like to use”. Another dilemma, where do I want the ads to appear ? I don’t really have a clue what to use. Should I use the search terms people use who end up on my site when they find me via Google Search or do I take completely different terms ? I really don’t know…

That’s where I need your help. Can you help me in creating the catchy ad you would click on to get to this site and find the information you need. The rules for the ad text are simple, you’ve got a title of max 25 characters followed by two line of max 35 characters and a url. Plus help me in finding the best search term people would like to see associated with this site. I will (with your help) then select the best ad you provided and run it with the search terms you come up with.

I will report back the change the marketing campaign has made in terms of visitor numbers and pageview counts. To support any claims I will make I have made my statistics that I have at public. That is if Google does not complain about it, I know I’m not allowed to give out detailed reports on my AdSense income which I won’t but I can tell about them in general terms (It’s not much I can tell you that). I haven’t found anything in the AdWords documents that might prevent me from giving you this info, but I stand corrected if I missed something in that massive FAQ.

I want to start with the marketing campaign when I finished the v2 documentation which I think will take me another two weeks to complete. I hope you like the idea and help me spend 50 euro of AdWords budget wisely.