Well did I miss this one completely. I thought I had myself subscribed to all the announcement mailinglists of all the software I use in my setup so I would not miss any important updates or security issues. Because I was trying to download the source code of PHP to retry the installation procedure to see if I missed something I noticed the difference in version numbers. I was still expecting version 5.1.2 and I noticed I missed 2 versions as there is now version 5.1.4. Somehow 5.1.4 followed 5.1.3 very quickly because of some bugs that where found. You can read all about the issues, bugs, etc.. in the changelog.

I tried updating one of my servers to see if there was anything wrong with the installation procedure and to write down how to upgrade. It’s basically the same as the compiling instructions for 5.1.2. Just get the newer sourcecode from www.php.net
and compile it. Don’t forget to install the XML library as well if you are upgrading from PHP4.

Another thing I found out when trying to install was that the install script wants to use wget instead of the standard installed curl on OS X for installing PEAR. You can download a compiled wget from this blog entry. Instead of copying wget in /usr/local/bin/ just copy it into /usr/sbin/ which is included in the default path.