Well, I’ve spend some time since yesterday helping Andy VestergĂ„rd to get everything compiled and running on his new Dual Core Mac mini. He started with Apache, PHP and Mysql. Apache seemed to compile fine but when trying to start it it would just die and give you a segmentation error as he reported yesterday here.

The compilation process looked allright. The ‘./configure’ command looked like it detected it should be compiling for an Intel based darwin environment. But still we couldn’t start it up. After trying all sorts of things, and reading through the developer documentation at Apple.com on porting unix applications to OS X.

When I googled on some terms and found this post on Marc Liyanage’s site. It seemed that the gcc compiler still needs an extra flag to tell it to compile properly for Intel. You need to add:

CFLAGS="-arch ppc -arch i386"

to the configure command to create universal binaries. It’s still strange how we need to tell the compiler to compile for Intel as it should do this by default. I guess this is a minor bug of some sort that will be solved in a later release of OS X or the XTools.

We are still struggling with mailserver but Apache, MySQL and PHP are running smoothly.