We had to wait a long time for this release but its finally there. The Roundcube developers finally released their second beta, there where some intermediate CVS releases if which I’ve tried some. The new version has some new functionality about which you can read the announcement:

After a long period of development and some major changes in the
project organisation, we finally released version 0.1-beta2. New
features like message search, spellchecking, saving messages as
draft and folder renaming are introduced with this release.

It is looking like a solid release which is perfectly usable in a production environment. I did a fresh install of the source and created a fresh database to make sure that I didn’t inherit any problems from previous versions. If you want to do the same you can use my instructions on installing it on Mac OS X.

Update: After playing with it for a day there are some notable improvements. Forwarding emails with attachements work properly and the From field is correctly filled. The biggest plus for me however, as english isn’t my native tongue, the spell checking capabilities.