Well, finally it’s all done for now. As I told you Sunday in the previous post, it’s taken much longer than I initially planned. Mostly because of MySQL and the Intel migration. But I’m very happy that all the testing and compiling is finally over.

The V2 version of the documentation is finished and ready for use. It has instructions for Intel and PowerPC based Mac’s and is tested on both platforms.

There already servers on the internet live running this version as documented in V2. They are the result of people requesting my assistance in setting up their new server, done together or just by me, depending on the needs and experience of the owner. I’m considering offering the service to setup your server for a small fee to cover time spend and expenses. The people I helped until now where very pleased with the service I provided. The only drawback is that it is a service I can only provide in my spare time as I’ve got a normal day job and a family that wants to spend some time with me as well. But if you are not in a hurry, it can be done within a few days.

Next on the agenda is a How-To document to help people that don’t know how to manage the upgrade from V1 to V2. Where the difficult part is the upgrade of the MySQL database. Because the internal formats have changed this isn’t just a plain copy and paste exercise but a true backup restore action. Even my own server is still running V1 as upgrading is a tedious and precise task what shouldn’t be taken lightly is you don’t want to be off-line for long. One thing I noticed is that you can upgrade other components very easily, it’s just MySQL that’s making it difficult.