MySQL logoJust installed MySQL 5.0.26 on my new Intel Mac mini after I just installed version 5.0.24a on it to create a new Intel based test environment. It was a good exercise to see if the update of the packages works as advertised. The binary installation package, which I installed first, creates a new symlinked directory and leaves the previous version intact. After that I still needed to compile from source as the shared library issue isn’t solved and I think it won’t be solved for some time as I found some info that the error is still there in the beta of version 5.1.

As you might notice MySQL skipped another release version, again, version 5.0.25 was only released to paying customers. Go figure… The announcement solved so many bugs they used two emails on the announcement mailinglist ! Here is the first and the second.

I must say the Intel mini is a dream to use, compilation is much, much faster. I also found out that I really need the memory upgrade as I can’t run to many applications at the same time as the memory swapping onto the slow hard-drive is really killing all performance benefits. The GUI sometimes responds much slower than on a G4 with 1Gb of memory.