MySQL Community Server has been updated to a new release which is mostly a bugfix release for an ABI incompatibility with earlier releases. This bug hasn’t affected me and it doesn’t really have to affect you if you don’t use this functionality, check the bug report to make sure that this is the case.

Please not that if you run the binary installer it’s still necessary to compile the source afterwards because the shared library bug isn’t solved yet. Also don’t forget to copy the data directory to the new version of MySQL or it might look like you lost all your databases.

Please note that MySQL has created a fork for the distribution. The paying customers get MySQL Enterprise Server which has been updated to 5.0.28 (don’t know why there is the difference in versions). To read more about the differentiation between the MySQL Enterprise Server and the MySQL Community Server, read Kaj Arnö’s blog.

As an added bonus I would like to point out that if you are still using the mysql extensions instead of the mysqli extensions (i stands for improved) you should take a look at the MySQL wiki article which will help you convert your application to the new module. They even got a script which will convert your source for you. If you still need convincing why you should convert please read this old article on the Zend site.