Sorry for not posting this long but I’ve been doing to many things at once without finishing one single thing or getting somewhere with all the time put in it. I should really learn to focus a bit more. All these features of the new programs and requests I get are just to tempting not to touch. But back to the business at hand:

Wietse has got a new patch level release out for our beloved Postfix mailserver. Mostly bugfixes, some of them don’t bother us like problems with Redhat of FreeBSD but the others might. So I’ve compiled and checked it and I’m running it on my test servers and production servers without a problem. Just follow the install documentation and you’ll be alright.

Some of the bugfixes are:

  • Message headers longer than 65535 broke the Milter protocol. To
    make matters worse the cleanup server could then dereference a
    null pointer. When Milter support is enabled, the length of each
    message header is now limited to 60000.
  • Several fixes to improve worst-case behavior of the (new) queue
    manager with multi-recipient mail. The queue manager now reads
    new recipients earlier from the queue file, instead of becoming
    starved while waiting for the slowest in-memory recipients to
    complete; and it now reads recipients in smaller chunks to avoid
    spending too much time not talking to delivery agents.
  • With remote SMTP server tarpit delays larger than the Postfix
    SMTP client’s smtp_rset_timeout (default: 20s), the client would
    get out of sync with the server while reusing a connection. The
    symptoms were “recipient rejected .. in reply to DATA”.