It’s time again for a rewrite/overhaul of the documentation to include all the remarks I’ve gotten over the past time which weren’t really serious errors or omissions but would make the documentation a bit better to use. If you have any remarks on improving the documentation, please leave a comment

This rewrite also coincides with another decision I made. After all the comments I received over the time I had this site up about the name “ISP in a box” I’ve been trying to think of a new one. Some of you helped me at my last plea to provide some input the creative process. After some sleepless nights I cut the Gordian Knot and made a decision. I looked if the domain name was still available and registered it.

The page you currently see is a place-holder, but in the backgound I’m busy hacking together a new WordPress based site, with new forum software which has some advantages over the current forum. I’ve finished a simple consistent design (not very web 2.0 or very pretty, but I’m not a designer) and as soon as I got some content to show I’ll open up the site and migrate the current forum entries over to the new one.

I’ll guess I need to organize a design competion for the look and feel and perhaps get a nice logo to go with it. All I can offer is a small price and everlasting fame, maybe someone is up for sponsoring ? As this is strictly a hobby project funded by your generous donations I don’t want to spend much of that on a design. If you want to help out or have some ideas on how to tackle this please let me know.