It’s been a while since I blogged here, this is been caused by several things that have been going on which precented me from blogging.
First there was the moving of the documentation which at first consumed most of my time.

Second there was the problem of PHP 5.2.1 not properly compiling on the PPC platform, I’m still looking for a solution for that.

Third, I’ve been very busy with job interviews and reviewing the company in question using my contacts in my professional and personal network. I can happily tell you that the last activity has resulted in some success. I can tell you that I’ve accepted the offer that was made to me and that I will start my new job on the first of may 2007.

I hope to spend more time blogging till that moment and hopefully find the time to solve that pesky little PHP problem. The blog might change a bit in he future as I might get the opportunity to do some work related blogging as I’m working in the exciting world of integration software (middleware) where SOA is now an accepted and somewhat generally understood buzzword…