Tried to buy a PS3 yesterday and was amazed at the number of consoles available. It looks likes Sony got us enough consoles to buy, only the accessories are a bit hard to get. it is going to replace my age old PS2 which has served my gaming needs since 2001. It looks awesome and plays most of the PS2 games I have. I’m a Grantourismo fan since the beginning and I finished unlocking all the cars in the new GT HD within the hour. I really love the ability to download the demo’s which means I haven’t bought any games yet but I will in the end.

The one I’m looking forward to LittleBigWorld which looks great and the multiplayer cooperative angle of the game is something I really like.

I’ve still got a old fashioned wide screen CRT TV (but a pretty good one from B&O) which doesn’t show of the improved graphics. But I’ve ordered a HDMI to DVI cable to connect it to my 23″ Cinema Display which will (hopefully) allow my to get gaming in full HD. It will arrive in a few days and I will let you know if it works as expected.

By the way, my Playstation Network online-id is: Richard-5

Update: I’m very disappointed in Sony and Apple. In Sony for requiring all HDMI video output to require HDCP and not just for when you play a BlueRay DVD. In Apple for not having HDCP in their Cinema Displays, especially the 23″ model which they even named ‘HD’ (the one I got) to show of that it can show true HD video resolutions. When I connected my PS3 the screen was black and stayed black with the power led blinking ! I think I need to go shopping for another monitor :-(