The blogosphere and all the Apple new sites have covered it by now. Is it for real? Does this mean no more small headless Mac ? Should we buy up the last ones and keep upgrading the CPU till there is no more fit or can we switch to a more powerfull Apple TV as the new low power Mac server platform. A Mac Pro is way to powerfull, loud and power consuming to be as this effective. I guess we will need to wait and see what will be announced at the WWDC.

But don’t hold your breath as it is still not a fact! I guess I will buy one of the last mini’s to replace the last G4 I still have running. As you might know I’ve got a Intel Core Duo as my desktop machine and a G4 1.5 as the server where I run everything on.

Update: There is a petition you can sign to persuade apple to keep the mini alive!