I’ve got some time to spare to give you all an update on how things are going at the moment. The new job is quite exciting and I’m very busing taking all the new stuff in and learning a lot of new people. The number of my LinkedIn connections just doubled in the last month. I’ve helped with a bid, a consulting document for a client and started on creating some structure in the way they do integration projects.

One of the nice perks that come with the new job is a company car and I’ve found myself a nice one that fits the budget I had. I’ve decided on the new Mitshubishi Outlander. While researching the car I came across this promotional video which really sold it to me.

The cityscape scenery in the commercial is shot just a few blocks from my home in Rotterdam, it gives you a nice impression of the great architecture we’ve got here. Hope you like it as well !

PS: I’ve ordered a black one and I’ve taken the Rockford Fosgate audio system as well. Can’t wait to actually get it…

Update: It ended up to be the “cool silver” version. I’ve been driving it now for a month and have used it for my holiday to Italy. It was great and still is a very good drive… even on the german autobahn.