I’ve been playing with the thought of getting myself an iPhone for quite some time but didn’t get one because I don’t want to hack it to get it to work with a local cell phone provider. When the iPod touch was released I tought, that is the answer, anything but the phone. I’ve got a decent phone, my employer provided me with it, a Samsung blackjack (i600), with email (Exchange integration, internet and a lot more goodies. The only issue I have with it is that it runs windows mobile and takes at least 5 minuts to startup.

I’ve jailbreaked the touch to get some extra applications on it, I’ve now got email, google maps, games and more… The only issue I still run into where to find an open WiFi connection when travelling around. As there is no bluetooth or any other connectivity besides WiFi you are stuck. That was untill I found the solution!

What about creating an adhoc WiFi network between 2 devices namely my phone (which has got WiFi) and the touch. The only problem here is that network sharing over WiFi is disabled on the blackjack. But with some help I’ve got it to work and I can now surf the internet and email over the 3G connection of my blackjack using the touch. It’s almost like having a 3G iPhone ;-) !

the guy that helped me out also wrote a great guide on how to do this yourself. You will need a touch, a Windows mobile 6 phone with 3G and WiFi and some time to spend. Hope you will like it as much as I’m enjoying my new found connectivity…