On my current mailserver I do the administration manually. Adding a new mail user is a complex task of adding several records in the database and creating the virtual mailboxes with the correct ownership and permissions. It almost never works in one go, because I don’t do it very often and have forgotten what to do. Which is one of the handicaps that you get when you never document what you have done before and make it a repeat-able exercise.

During the extensive google probes I performed to get all the proper information to setup my new mailserver I stumbled across Postfix Admin, a web based administration tool to handle all your postfix administration needs.

It’s build using PHP and MySQL and it supports more than I ever thought I needed for my own mailserver. It fits within the software package I choose for my server and really fits in with the configuration I had in mind for my server. It supports virtual mailboxes, aliases and forwarders, domain forwarding and catch all mailboxes and more. It’s got some minor bugs, but it’s well supported by an active forum and still being developed further.

Just have a look over at their website to find out.