January is going to be a busy month with all these updates, just letting you know that the Courier-auth library got updated with a small bug fix that has no affect on us. It is a fix concerning anonymous LDAP binds and we don’t use LDAP in our setup. But it will explain why you will a see a new version when you go and download it. I’ve tested it myself and there are no changes to the workings in our setup.


Sam Varshavchik has spend the last days of 2006 cleaning up unreleased patches and fixes so that he can start 2007 with a clean slate. The changes aren’t critical and even he says that if everything is working for you you don’t need to update.

The items that are of interest to us are the changes to IMAP, Authlib and maildrop. This updates them to the following versions: Courier-IMAP 4.1.2, Courier-Authlib 0.59 and Maildrop 2.0.3.

IMAP changes:

  • Fixed 64-bit issue with quota indication
  • Try to log bandwidth usage before getting killed by a signal
  • Fixed many compiler warnings
  • maildirmake: Clarify some error messages
  • Fixed some typos in man pages
  • message files created by the IMAP server will use the umask setting

Auth changes:

  • Fixed many compiler warnings
  • Try again if the LDAP server apparently closes the socket due to inactivity
  • Fix LDAP account enumeration
  • Fix up an error message
  • Added -f option to makeuserdb
  • Ported to openldap 2.3.27
  • Cleaned up RPM spec file
  • Ported code to gcc 4.1.1
  • courier-authlib should now be buildable by Solaris’s linker

maildrop changes:

  • Updated autoconf/automake/libtool build toolchain
  • Fixed several compiler warnings
  • Cleanup. Consolidate multiple quoted-printable implementations into one
  • Fixed an obscure bug in quoted-printable encoding

Don’t forget the command:

chmod o+x /usr/local/var/spool/authdaemon

After you installed the authlib binaries. Otherwise you’ll get the error: SASL authentication failure: cannot connect to Courier authdaemond: Permission denied.


As promised when delivering the DSPAM documentation I’ve finished how to setup maildrop today. I’ve got it running for a few days on my own server and I must say it works perfectly. All spam found by DSPAM is now put into a mailfolder of my choice and not in my inbox. I haven’t setup any fancy filtering yet just plain spam/nonspam filtering but it’s a start.

You can read all about how to setup maildrop in the documentation. If you have problems in using it please post your errors and problems in the forum.

Next up is to have maildrop create folders that not already exist in your inbox when needed and to have users have their own filtering rules. Hope you like it as it is currently…


Just a small post to let you know about some updates that where released today. First the Courier IMAP server has had a minor upgrade which solves some minor issues (which hadn’t troubled me yet). But it’s good to know and I’ll be upgrading later this evening. You can get the new version 4.1.1 from

Second update is a new update of the Akismet plug-in for WordPress. This plug-in is a real time saver as is keeps 99% of all spam from showing up in my blog as you might have noticed. It’s up to version 1.15 and the changes are more cosmetical than functional and you can get it here. If you are running a WordPress blog you really can’t do without.


Besides some of the time I have to spend on other things this weekend I found some time to improve and continue on the documentation for the ISP in a box v2.

I’ve checked the installation procedure again after some reports of errors of using the installation with phpMyAdmin. I seemed there was an important option missing from the configuration command.

Next stop was building the mail server, I ‘ve got the build process documented and checked properly. Next up is documenting the configuration of the mailserver.

You can have a look at the new pages for building the server, hope you like the new look. I’ve made some changes to the style sheet to make the commands and the configuration stick out a bit more and make them more readable.

I hope there are no issues with relocation of the MySQL, Apache, and PHP documentation, they where still located in the hierarchy of version 1 and I had to put them in the correct place. Sorry….

Donations where a bit slow these last 2 weeks, didn’t receive any, and the Adsense income these weeks has also been slow. A well, it’s not that important, I will need to be a bit patient. That will give me more time to document everything proper before launching myself at a new toy ;-)


It has been a very busy week and not just for me. Wietse Venema (author of Postfix) released a version 2.2.9 of the Postfix mail-server and I also got an email from Sam Varshavchik on the Courier-announce mailing list that there is an updated version of the Courier IMAP server. Which meant that I had to download, compile, install and test all these new versions again on my test server before I could update my own server and tell you it was safe to upgrade. (more…)


Completely missed it, but I got a comment from Geva who mentioned an error during compilation. When I checked the error I found out that there has been an upgrade, the latest version is 0.58 instead of the 0.57 I used when I started this setup.

The related documentation has been updated and if you want to upgrade you can just download the new source-code and run the build commands as documented. Don’t forget the command: (more…)


I’ve got the server running for some days now and I must say it’s handling the load quit well. The only thing I had trouble with migrating easily was the squirrel webmail program, it had some problems with the include path and I didn’t feel like re-installing it. I’ve received emails from people saying that I should use Roundcube for web based email, not getting squirrel to run was the perfect excuse I needed to try and install it. (more…)


I’ve started the new year with migrating everything from my old Sun Ultra 5′s who have been running my internet services for the past few years to the Mac mini. The pages you are looking at now are served from a Mac mini as it was my intention for some time. The mini is setup using my own documentation with no deviation whatsoever. (more…)


This is the final page I needed to write down to configure the mail-server and get a secure enough setup to my liking. The final page is like the last page I added an optional extra to get secure access to the mail folders located on the server. It’s a description of how to configure IMAP to use SSL and/or TLS so that an encrypted communication channel will be setup before any passwords or e-mails are send over the internet. Which will make (more…)

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