Finally, I’ve got all steps document into getting everything compiled, installed and configured for the “ISP in a box” documentation. The last step, which took longer than I thought, was getting everything to start-up at boot time.

I thought it would be easy, just put some shell scripts in to the /etc/init.d/ directory and that would be it. But Apple had to do things differently, and to make things more complex they changed the whole start-up procedure in 10.4 from 10.3. Instead of the StartupItems folder where you put your shell scripts you’ll have to start using lauchd. I haven’t found enough info to get the launchd option working yet so I stuck with the old 10.3 StartupItems way to do this step. It’s not the way to do this in 10.4 but it works. I’ll still keep looking into this but I wanted to finish of this part of the documentation and provide you something you can use.

I’ve got everything running on my mini in a local network, which means I haven’t got it connected to the internet properly as intended. I want to first document and setup the SSL and TLS setup of the mail-server to be able to provide safe encrypted mail access for my current users. But it does everything it is supposed to do.

Another major task to do before connecting it to the internet is to migrate all current web-sites and mailboxes from the current Sun’s to the new Mac mini.