This is the final page I needed to write down to configure the mail-server and get a secure enough setup to my liking. The final page is like the last page I added an optional extra to get secure access to the mail folders located on the server. It’s a description of how to configure IMAP to use SSL and/or TLS so that an encrypted communication channel will be setup before any passwords or e-mails are send over the internet. Which will make the setup of the server more secure now there is no more snooping possible for passwords and usernames.

I’m quite happy now with the setup I got here for myself so the next phase for me is to get everything moved from my current servers to my Mac mini. The old server still running strong is an old Sun Ultra 5, which I got from my former employer. Sun Ultra 5 I’ve been hosting my sites and e-mail services from this machine for several years now and it’s time for retirement for this baby. I need to copy websites, databases and mail directories and test everything properly before scrapping the old machine and let the Mac mini take over. I’m guessing that my next electrical bill will be a lot cheaper when I’ve got the mini running.