I’ve started the new year with migrating everything from my old Sun Ultra 5′s who have been running my internet services for the past few years to the Mac mini. The pages you are looking at now are served from a Mac mini as it was my intention for some time. The mini is setup using my own documentation with no deviation whatsoever.

It was quite easy doing the migration, just copying the HTML/PHP files, making a backup of all the databases and restoring them on the mini for the web part. For the mail server I used postfix admin to create all the mailboxes and aliases for all the domains. Then made backups from the original server and restored them on the new mini.

I did some tests on the web part, to see if everything was configured as it should and tested the mail server to see if it didn’t become another spam relay server and it blocked unwanted spammers from sending mail via my server. I asked a friend to try abuse my server and used the relay service at www.abuse.net to check independently. It all worked out. The server is secure, still could use some tweaking but I will report on that later.