XcodeI had read some time ago on the Apple Developers site that the Xcode developer tools that Xcode 2.4 has been released. However downloading it was a problem for some time as the link didn’t show when you had login to the ADC site. But it’s there now, the whole whopping 938,2 MB. I’m currently downloading to find out if there are many improvements. Unfortunately I we won’t be able to test the new 64 bit compatibility…

Changes in this release are:

  • Xcode 2.4 adds support for 64-bit Intel development, with support for creating four-architecture
    Universal applications (32 and 64 bit for both Intel and PowerPC).
  • Selected fixes were made in the Xcode IDE, cctools, debugger, and compiler.
  • Xcode 2.4 also fixes bugs and enhances performance in several areas over Xcode 2.3. Most notably,
    stepping behaviour when debugging DWARF binaries has been made more precise, and Dedicated
    Network Builds (DNB) has received several usability fixes.
  • The 10.4u SDK has been updated for development with Mac OS 10.4.7.
  • CHUD has been updated to version 4.4.0.