Sam Varshavchik has spend the last days of 2006 cleaning up unreleased patches and fixes so that he can start 2007 with a clean slate. The changes aren’t critical and even he says that if everything is working for you you don’t need to update.

The items that are of interest to us are the changes to IMAP, Authlib and maildrop. This updates them to the following versions: Courier-IMAP 4.1.2, Courier-Authlib 0.59 and Maildrop 2.0.3.

IMAP changes:

  • Fixed 64-bit issue with quota indication
  • Try to log bandwidth usage before getting killed by a signal
  • Fixed many compiler warnings
  • maildirmake: Clarify some error messages
  • Fixed some typos in man pages
  • message files created by the IMAP server will use the umask setting

Auth changes:

  • Fixed many compiler warnings
  • Try again if the LDAP server apparently closes the socket due to inactivity
  • Fix LDAP account enumeration
  • Fix up an error message
  • Added -f option to makeuserdb
  • Ported to openldap 2.3.27
  • Cleaned up RPM spec file
  • Ported code to gcc 4.1.1
  • courier-authlib should now be buildable by Solaris’s linker

maildrop changes:

  • Updated autoconf/automake/libtool build toolchain
  • Fixed several compiler warnings
  • Cleanup. Consolidate multiple quoted-printable implementations into one
  • Fixed an obscure bug in quoted-printable encoding

Don’t forget the command:

chmod o+x /usr/local/var/spool/authdaemon

After you installed the authlib binaries. Otherwise you’ll get the error: SASL authentication failure: cannot connect to Courier authdaemond: Permission denied.