Well it’s been some time since I blogged here. I even got email from some of the regulars if I was still here. I’m still here alive and kicking… Only the new job is almost everything I hoped it to be and they are keeping me very busy. I’ve got my new company car a week ago and it’s great. Although I have to confess I had to change color I wanted to get my car this year. It seemed that all the black models where sold out by the time the leasing company processed the order. I’ve now got a “cool silver” Outlander parked in front of my house.

I’ve just blogged on the other site about all the updates I missed while I was busy working at my paying job. The OSX security update, Postfix and MySQL updates can be done without a problem.

I’ll try to keep everything a bit more up to date. Hope you didn’t ran into problems because of my “absence”.