I’ve decided to stop the ability to comment to blogposts and articles on this blog. The content on the site is not really up-to-date any more and doesn’t reflect the current state of much of the software used. As a benefit it also keeps out the spammers.

If you have any questions on the articles and how-to’s posted here you are better of on my other site which is kept up to date as much as possible. The content covers the same matter (apache, mysql, php and mailserver), but also covers Leopard.

The site is also equipped with a forum where you can ask all the questions you want.

Sorry for the inconvinience.


It’s been a while since I blogged here, mostly because my other site is taking up so much time to keep everything up to date. The latest development is that I’ve got a Mac Mini in the datacenter. You can read more about it on my other blog. This site has moved now as well.


Just a small warning for everyone still following this blog for their setup and hasn’t switched to the new blog. There are some issues regarding compiling and installing Apache, MySQL and PHP on Leopard. Please read the Leopard blog entries there for more coverage. Read compiling Apache on Leopard, MySQL issues on Leopard and the regular documentation set for more info.


Well, just returned from Ikea where I bought a little present for myself, a new swivel chair for use behind my desk at home in the study. It’s got one of those unpronounceable names “Kläppe”. My old one was also form Ikea but that one has served it’s purpose for way too long now and is ready to be recycled.

I’ve been playing with the idea of redecorating my study. As always it’s a mess and I need to organize lots of stuff on my desk which is always to small. But playing with ideas isn’t actually getting me anywhere and the new chair gives some purpose to getting things done. Who know I might even by myself a new desk and before I even now it the study has been repainted, got new shelves on the wall and…(I start looking very dreamy)

By the way, just ordered Leopard in the online Apple Store as well. I’m preparing my test server to have a partition on Leopard for testing purposes of the DIYMacServer setup.


Well it’s been some time since I blogged here. I even got email from some of the regulars if I was still here. I’m still here alive and kicking… Only the new job is almost everything I hoped it to be and they are keeping me very busy. I’ve got my new company car a week ago and it’s great. Although I have to confess I had to change color I wanted to get my car this year. It seemed that all the black models where sold out by the time the leasing company processed the order. I’ve now got a “cool silver” Outlander parked in front of my house.

I’ve just blogged on the other site about all the updates I missed while I was busy working at my paying job. The OSX security update, Postfix and MySQL updates can be done without a problem.

I’ll try to keep everything a bit more up to date. Hope you didn’t ran into problems because of my “absence”.