Well, just returned from Ikea where I bought a little present for myself, a new swivel chair for use behind my desk at home in the study. It’s got one of those unpronounceable names “Kläppe”. My old one was also form Ikea but that one has served it’s purpose for way too long now and is ready to be recycled.

I’ve been playing with the idea of redecorating my study. As always it’s a mess and I need to organize lots of stuff on my desk which is always to small. But playing with ideas isn’t actually getting me anywhere and the new chair gives some purpose to getting things done. Who know I might even by myself a new desk and before I even now it the study has been repainted, got new shelves on the wall and…(I start looking very dreamy)

By the way, just ordered Leopard in the online Apple Store as well. I’m preparing my test server to have a partition on Leopard for testing purposes of the DIYMacServer setup.