I’ve got the server running for some days now and I must say it’s handling the load quit well. The only thing I had trouble with migrating easily was the squirrel webmail program, it had some problems with the include path and I didn’t feel like re-installing it. I’ve received emails from people saying that I should use Roundcube for web based email, not getting squirrel to run was the perfect excuse I needed to try and install it. (more…)


On my current mailserver I do the administration manually. Adding a new mail user is a complex task of adding several records in the database and creating the virtual mailboxes with the correct ownership and permissions. It almost never works in one go, because I don’t do it very often and have forgotten what to do. Which is one of the handicaps that you get when you never document what you have done before and make it a repeat-able exercise. (more…)


At first I thought that I just needed to install
on my new Mac mini to get the complete stack for building PHP/MySQL based websites as is this one. But somehow it didn’t just fit together as expected so I started to look around the internet for other sources which might solve my issues now and in the future.

I found 3 sources which were referenced by many others:

After looking around at all three websites the one I liked the most was Server Logistics. Basically I choose them because of the fact they run all their own servers with the package they provide as a download. You could install all the packages seperatly (MAMP has one package) which is helpfull if one item in the stack gets an update. Installing the packages from Server Logistics was as easy as downloading, clicking and installing. No configuration issues or other issues, they even came with Preferences Panels.

I’ve got it running for a couple of days now and it’s running smoothly ever since. I’m migrating all my sites to the Mac mini to see if I run into any problems. If that’s finished and everything keeps working then the next stop will be the firewall and mailserver.

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