ISP in a box, using a Mac mini

Please note that the information is no longer up to date. The content of this site has moved to a new domain which is kept up to date. Apologies for the inconvienince.

This is meant to an as complete as possible installation and configuration guide for changing your Mac mini (or any other Mac) into a full blown internet connected server to be used for all your needs at home for yourself, friends and family. You won’t need to buy OS X server license for this, everything is done using free open source software that have been tried and tested by a large community…a Mac mini

All links are referring to the new site which is kept up to date.

  1. Introduction
  2. Preparation
  3. Installing MySQL
  4. Installing Apache
  5. Installing PHP
  6. Installing the Mailserver
  1. The basic mailserver on Tiger
  2. The basic mailserver on Leopard
  3. Installing Postfix admin
  4. Securing your basic mailserver using TLS/SSL
  5. Installing Roundcube for webmail
  6. Adding a spam filter on Tiger
  7. Adding a spam filter on Leopard
  8. Adding a delivery filter – maildrop
  9. Creating maildirectories automatically
  10. Greylisting
  11. Adding a backup (relay) MX server
  • Installing Lighttpd
    How to upgrade
    Here is a list of short documents to help you upgrade any of the components used in the DIYMacServer

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