Configuring the mail server

Please note that this information is no longer up to date. The content of this site has moved to a new domain which is kept up to date. Apologies for the inconvienince.

Before being able to run the mail server we need to perform some configuration magic. So start-up the terminal, go into root mode and get your vi reference guide ready for use (if you want to use vi that is).

To enable the use of multiple (virtual) domains for your Postfix mail-server and have separate user administrations per domain we need a database to keep all the user data in. Not forgetting a simple tool to administer them as well. The tool I choose for this task is called Postfix Admin. It’s a very simple, but effective, collection of PHP pages based on a database. Postfix, IMAP and the authentication module are going to use this database. For some of the following instructions I copied information from the Postfix Admin installation manual. For readability I’ve cut up these instructions into separate pages.

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