Building the Courier IMAP Server

I prefer to provide an IMAP server instead of a POP3 server. It makes it a lot easier to provide web based mail-services if you use a IMAP server. Courier has one of the best IMAP servers. By the way, you can use this server for POP3 as well and run both servers concurrently, how to do this is discussed when we go configuring. You can find the software at it’s home-page. Make sure you download the correct package from the download page, I’ve used version 4.1.0.

When you’ve downloaded the software extract the source archive into a directory where we can compile it. Start a Terminal session and go into the directory you just extracted the software in and follow the instructions. First to make sure we don’t get any compiler errors you have to set this parameter”

RANLIB="ranlib -c"
export RANLIB

This will prevent compiler errors, if you didn’t issue this command as the first one you will get an error saying :

"Undefined symbols: _rfc1035_default_resolver"

Next configure the make files with the authentication modules you just created and build the executables:

For Intel:

CFLAGS="-arch i386" \
./configure --prefix=/usr/local \
  --with-authpwd=YES \
  --without-authcram \

For PowerPC:

CFLAGS="-arch ppc" \
./configure --prefix=/usr/local \
  --with-authpwd=YES \
  --without-authcram \

Followed for both by:


When the compilation is finished you can install the software:

sudo make install

If this is a new install you can create fresh configuration files by issuing:

sudo make install-configure

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  1. maho Says:

    hi, i have this problem

    /usr/bin/ld: Undefined symbols:

    i was trying diferente ways to compile but im stuck